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Blog » Season of Gratitude: Impact of 12-Months of Flowers Fundraiser

Season of Gratitude: Impact of 12-Months of Flowers Fundraiser


The Season of Joy and Gratitude: Bonnie, Roland, and the Heartfelt Impact of the Sparks Florist® 12-Months of Flowers Fundraiser

When one thinks of Sparks Florist®, they often imagine the freshest blooms and artful arrangements. But delve a bit deeper, and you'll find stories—stories that weave through our 12-Months of Flowers Fundraising Program, painting vivid tales of connection, community, and care.

One such patron of our program is Bonnie. A staunch supporter and lover of our 12-Months of Flowers initiative, her bond with this fundraiser dates back years. During her time at Sparks Christian Fellowship (SCF), where she coordinated volunteers, she had seen firsthand the joy that these flowers bring. Recognizing diligent volunteers or celebrating their birthdays, she found the perfect companions to the 12-Months of Flowers bouquets. For Bonnie, these weren't just bouquets; they were gestures—of appreciation, celebration, and sometimes, pure spontaneity. "Every month I would look for a volunteer... and we would recognize them with flowers," she recalls. This practice wasn't just confined to her professional realm at SCF. Personally, too, she would buy a card, using it to uplift spirits—be it for birthdays, thank you's, or just simple 'just because' moments.

Then came a day that underscored the profound impact such a simple gesture can have. An urgent call from a stranger spoke of a friend in distress. This friend was Roland, who faced a sudden health scare, and immediate help was needed. Swift action from a vigilant neighbor's son culminated in an emergency response that could very well have been a lifesaver.

But who is Roland? His bright eyes and kind demeanor hide a life of service and challenges. Actively volunteering at SCF and a local food bank, Roland's spirit is indomitable. Despite being on disability and managing a tight budget, his heart remains expansive, always looking for ways to give back.

In the aftermath of the incident, and still grappling with the overwhelming emotions, Roland wished to express his deep gratitude to the observant neighbor. Once again, our flowers became the bridge—this time, from Roland's heart to his neighbor. And Bonnie, with her monthly card in tow, facilitated this heartfelt exchange.

This story is emblematic of the Season of Joy and Gratitude we're stepping into. Through Bonnie's unwavering support and Roland's spirit of resilience and gratitude, we're reminded of the true essence of community. Their story, like many others, keeps us grounded, fueling our passion to serve with love and care. Every bouquet from Sparks Florist® isn't just an arrangement; it's a testament to the bonds we share, the challenges we overcome, and the gratitude we feel.

Join us this season. Let's celebrate stories, connections, and the sheer magic that a simple gesture, like gifting flowers, can unfold.

As we share stories of impact like Bonnie's and Roland's, we know that countless others unfold every day, intertwined with the magic of flowers and heartfelt gestures. Do you have your own Sparks Florist® story that has touched your heart or the hearts of others? We'd love to hear from you. Send your stories of joy, gratitude, and connection to [email protected]. Your narratives inspire us, helping us remember the profound ways in which flowers can weave bonds of love, care, and community. Share with us, and let's continue to celebrate the beauty of life's moments, one bouquet at a time.

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