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Fall Collage

Fall Collage

Fall Collage

Only available for delivery from 9/27/2022 to 12/02/2023.

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With fall comes an abundance of warm, cozy colors in a striking autumnal mix of oranges, reds, browns, and greens. Arranged in an elegant glass cylinder vase, our seasonal collage is an all-time Sparks Florist favorite that everyone will enjoy and is suitable for all occasions.

Medium (as shown) is approx. 14"H x 13"W
Select our Large size for a bigger presentation.

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  • Never add flower food directly to flowers! Dissolve 1 packet in 1 pint (2 c.) of water before adding to vase.

  • Change vase water daily to reduce bacterial growth.

  • Flowers will last longer when kept away from direct sunlight & extreme heat.

  • Remove individual flowers past their prime to keep the arrangement fresh.

Height:14" x Width:13"