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Roses - Color - Modern

Roses - Color - Modern

Roses - Color - Modern

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What could be better than our beautiful color palette of premium long stem roses? Our customers prefer colorful roses two-to-one over all-red arrangements, because they say they love all the different rose varieties. This gorgeous, modern arrangement of premium long stem color roses is accented with seasonal greenery in a sleek glass vase. Rose colors and varieties will vary based on seasonal availability

Arrangement (2 doz) is approximately 27"H x 15"W and includes 24 roses


  • Never add flower food directly to roses! Dissolve 1 packet in 1 pint (2 c.) of water before adding to vase.

  • Change vase water daily to reduce bacterial growth.

  • Roses will last longer when kept away from direct sunlight & extreme heat.

  • Recut 1" off the end of rose stem if the rose head starts to droop.