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Hot Cider Gift Crate

Hot Cider Gift Crate

Hot Cider Gift Crate

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Send a gourmet 'Hot Cider' gift crate that will relax them during those chilly fall nights! They'll enjoy making a cozy cup of hot cider with Martinelli's apple juice, local Davidson's Organics mulling spices, citrusy clementines, and fragrant cinnamon sticks. Alongside a sweet snack of a brown butter blondie, each crate comes with a beautiful, seasonal flower arrangement. This is a gift anyone will love!

Small (as shown) is approximately 6"H x 14"L x 14"W
Includes 2 ceramic mugs, 4 bottles of apple juice, 8 packets of mulling spices, 4 cinnamon sticks, 2 clementines, 1 brown butter blondie, and a large flower arrangement.


  • Alcohol: You must be of legal drinking age to consume alcohol.

  • Perishables: Refrigerate meat & cheese as soon as possible to retain freshness. Fruit may need to ripen before eating.

  • Flowers: Change vase water daily. Flowers will last longer when kept away from direct sunlight & heat.