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Blog » Soaring High: Supporting Flips Gymnastics Booster Club with Flowers

Soaring High: Supporting Flips Gymnastics Booster Club with Flowers


Imagine a young athlete, heart pounding with anticipation, soaring through the air on the uneven bars. This is the reality for the 39 dedicated gymnasts at Flips USA, where dreams take flight not just physically, but also emotionally and mentally. The Flips USA Gymnastics Booster Club is their champion, empowering these young athletes to reach their full potential. 

Becoming a champion gymnast is not just about the countless hours spent in the gym, the sting of sweat, and the ache of tired muscles. It's about pushing though self-doubt, mastering new skills, and embodying the unwavering spirit that defines a true athlete. These young athletes train a staggering 20 hours a week, pushing their bodies and minds to new limits. Competition season adds another layer of commitment, with hefty expenses for meet fees, coaching, and travel.

Every 12 Months of Flowers card purchased from the Flips USA Gymnastics Booster Club directly support these aspiring athletes by:

Easing the Financial Burden: Competition costs can be a significant hurdle for families. The Booster Club helps these young athletes focus on their performance, not the financial pressure, by defraying competition costs.

Elevating Training: New equipment enhances safety and allows athletes to refine their skills. Every dollar raised translates to a safer and more effective training environment. 

Fueling Dreams: Many competitions take place outside of Reno, and the Booster Club helps families overcome travel expenses, ensuring these athletes have the opportunity to shine on a national stage. 

One Level 10 team member qualified to complete at the 2023 Women's Development Program National Championships in Oklahoma City, OK. Thanks to the support of the Booster Club, $4,499.00 towards competition costs were paid on her behalf. Competing at such a high level brings national attention to the gym and her as an athlete, and this year she competed in the NCAA. 

This year, the stakes are even higher. Six Level 10 gymnasts start poised on the cusp of their dreams - competing at Nationals. Imagine the excitement, the nerves, and the sheer determination burning in their young hearts. With your support, these athletes won't have to worry about financial barriers. They can focus on their passion, their teamwork, and leave it all on the competition floor. 

Gymnastics fosters more than physical prowess. It builds resilience, camaraderie, and an unwavering work ethic. Team members cheer each other on, celebrate victories big and small, and learn to overcome challenges together. These individual skills go far beyond the gym, shaping them into confident and determined young adults. 

Here's How You Can Help

Purchase a "12 Months of Flowers" card: Visit their fundraising page to learn how to purchase:

Learn More: Visit the Flips USA Gymnastics Booster Club Website or Facebook page

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